Program Supplement

Think Outside the Trash Supplement: 

How plastic and cardboard is recycled:

How glass is recycled:

Alternative use of plastic bottles:

How many times can you recycle paper, glass, aluminum, metals, cardboard?

Plastic bottles, take caps off or leave them on?

Can you recycle a pizza box?

How long does it take for materials to decompose?

Watch the recycling process:

Plastic turned into clothing:

Where can I recycle things in my county? 

How are we going to clean up our ocean?

All About Alligators Supplement:

Nuisance Alligator Information:

Reptile Information:

Why are alligator’s brains so small?

Alligator bellowing:

Mother alligator protecting nest:

What do alligators eat?

What is a keystone species?

Alligators vs. crocodiles:

Springs Around The World Supplement:

Aquifer facts:

Florida spring facts:

Manatee education:

Old faithful erupting:

More Yellowstone facts:

Why do springs get hot?

How common are sinkholes: