Online Pre/Post Test Links

Online Pre/Post Test Links

Pre/Post Tests

The pre/post test should only be administered to students at or above the 3rd grade level. Please administer the pre-test prior to your virtual field trip and the post-test once the students have taken part in the field trip. Teachers may review the Crystal Springs Live material with students prior to taking the post-test.

To take the pre/post test online please select the link based on which program your students experiencced. Please pay careful attention when selecting PRE or POST. Once students have selected the correct link they will be redirected to survey monkey to complete the test. Answers will be automatically sent upon completion of the test. 

*The link is set up to be used at multiple computers. If students take the test using only one computer please use the back/refresh button or reinsert the link into the address bar after each student completes the test. 

Springs Around The World Pre Test

Springs Around The World Post Test

Think Outside The Trash Pre Test

Think Outside The Trash Post Test

All About Alligators Pre Test

All About Alligators Post Test


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