Group Tours

Bring your group out into nature! Join one of our educators on a guided nature hike. Our group tours are great for team building, family events, or convention field trips. The tour of the spring and the learning lab is about an hour. You can add any of our other programs to make your stay longer. Learning lab and bathrooms are ADA compliant. Some paths are loose rock and may not be accessible for everyone.


Walk on the Wildside

Grades: Test
Capacity: 30 people
Length: 45 mins
Description: Trek into the woods with one of CSF's educators. Identify plants along the river. Walk over the karst rock topography of the woods and river. Spot wildlife of all sizes. Identify native and exotic plant and animal species. Join our naturalists in our learning lab as they share some of the wonders of Florida's native reptiles. From the small lizards to the largest alligator, get an up-close encounter with these cold-blooded creatures. Meet some of the animals that you are sure to encounter in Florida's wild places.