Project WET Workshops

What Is Project WET?

Since 1984, the Project WET Foundation has dedicated itself to the mission of reaching children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education. A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Project WET achieves its mission of worldwide water education by:

  • publishing water resource materials in several languages.
  • providing training workshops on diverse water topics (e.g., watersheds, water quality, water conservation).
  • organizing community water events, such as Make a Splash with Project WET water festivals and the Global Water Education Village™.
  • building a worldwide network of educators, water resource professionals and scientists.

Project WET publications, training workshops, global network and community events are grounded in Project WET’s core beliefs.

Water connects us all: Water moves through living and nonliving systems and binds them together in a complex web of life.

Water for all water users: Water of sufficient quality and quantity is vital for all water users (energy producers, farmers and ranchers, fish and wildlife, manufacturers, recreationists, rural and urban dwellers).

Managing water sustainably: Water resources management is crucial for providing tomorrow’s children with social and economic stability in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Personal responsibility for water resources: Awareness of and respect for water resources can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of responsibility and positive community participation.

Crystal Springs Foundation is a certified Project WET facilitator site. Call or check back to see when the next workshop will be offered.